Weekend Reading 5.28.23

I’m in Florida this weekend with my brother showing him the area, he’s never visited the Gulf Coast. I’m taking him to see all my favorite beaches and we’re having a lot of fun. We both have families and busy lives so it’s nice to spend some time together exploring and reconnecting.

We’re wading the waves, eating seafood, and catching up on stories and life, it’s lovely. I’ll be in California for the summer so it’s nice to have a getaway to the Gulf before staying home for a few months. Hope you’re all enjoying your three day weekend too!

Favorite links of the week below:

Don’t miss this Paris home layered in art and textiles, the eat in kitchen is so chic!

Multiple shades of green on display in this cozy crafstman home.

Lovers of mixing bright colors and patterns will appreciate this interior designer’s portfolio.

If you prefer a soft neutral palette, you’ll love this English country style home. More images here.

How to “decorate like old money”.

Barbeque side dishes for your al fresco meals and summer potluck recipes for your 13×9 pan.

Got a dying plant? How to fix the gap of death.

This creative hat maker’s process videos are mesmerizing to watch.

Is budget travel disappearing? Why the price of hostels in Europe has suddenly jumped.

Cheers to living life in such an expressive way.


My Local Art & Gift Shop

As I’ve mentioned for weeks, I expanded my online art shop into a 300 square foot studio that’s open to the public two days a week in my hometown. I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a vision for the shop and a layout that would combine my art prints, ceramics, and goods I’ve assembled from other makers.

In addition to many of my art prints on display, I’ve curated decorative objects and gifts with a focus on destination and botanical related goods that fit the aesthetic of the shop. It took two months to pull this all together, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.


My studio is part of a larger collective of artists and makers. I wasn’t prepared to go full retail and be open every day so I was lucky to find this location where I’m asked to be open only two days a week, on Fridays and Saturdays, which is manageable. It’s adjacent to my ceramics studio so I can continue my ceramics practice in the same building. The space also allows me to continue blogging here on this site and the freedom to travel to places that inspire me a few times a year as I have done for the past decade.

I’ve set up a small desk space where I can work on my laptop in between customer visits. Washable rugs were a priority for me with a lot of people entering the space, sometimes bringing their dogs or kids. I was happy to partner with Boutique Rugs on this space reveal. Underneath my desk is the five star rated Dalaguete washable rug in blanched pink and blue hues.






I’ve layered a lot of my art around the shop and also a collection of goods that make great gifts. I’ve sourced them from various suppliers now that I have a wholesale license. In the shop I feature goods from local artists and also products made by makers in countries around the world. I sell seagrass planters hand woven from artists in Rwanda, tote bags from makers in Mexico, jewelry from India, and cotton towels from Turkey.

I’ve painted the walls in subtle color blocking, a pale turquoise blue is the backdrop for coastal art and soft apricot for landscapes and architecture. I used a lovely gray green as the backdrop for vintage and botanical art prints.

I’m selling some of my ceramics that are worthy of display and sale. Not all of my pieces make the cut, imperfection is allowed, it adds to the handmade appeal of any piece, but quality is required. Below are just a few of the textured decorative platters in watercolor hues I’ve sold in the shop as well as mini succulent planters.


The studio space began began as plain white walls and a cement floor, the perfect blank canvas. Here’s the space I started with back in March:


It’s so much more layered now, with art, gifts and my favorite new Moora washable rug in soft apricot hues. I used two side by side to add color and softness and to minimize the hardness of the gray cement floor.

I’ve only just begun this journey into retail, I’ll be layering more as the seasons change, it’s very exciting to have this space to play with. I’ve kept the palette in pinks and blues for summer and for fall I’ll switch it up to earth tones. Of course Christmas will be so fun with lots of maker markets happening in our building.


I’m so happy to have expanded my business in this unique studio space. It will change from season to season and I’m so looking forward to fall and holiday displays here in the shop! I’ll be sure to feature the updates every few months in between regular blog posts. You’re welcome to visit my shop at 5400 Old Redwood Highway, Petaluma on Fridays or Saturdays from 11-3!

Use the code CENTSATIONAL to take an additional 10% off on already discounted prices at Boutique Rugs. They have thousands of rugs in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, including a huge selection of machine-washable rugs like the ones I’m using in my shop. Enjoy free shipping if you’re in the 48 continental states!

Weekend Reading 5.21.23

My new shop has been open for two weekends and so far everything is going well. I feel like I’m in a period of growth and expansion in this moment. Running a retail art and gift shop is just a little outside my comfort zone, but that’s the spot where all the learning happens. It’s challenging and exciting, but I have a huge support group and I’m getting better at it every day and learning as I go. I love interacting with customers and bouncing ideas off my neighboring creatives and business owners, I feel fortunate to be part of a very supportive group of makers and artists. I finally got around to snapping a few photos of my shop, I’ll share those on Monday.

My daughter finished her first year of college and comes home next week. I’m excited to have her back, yet she’s already busy making plans for a busy summer filled with work, school, and travel. Still, it will be nice to have her presence again back in California.

Favorite links from the week:

This colorful home layered with art and botanical motifs.

Lovely design inspiration from this interior photographer’s portfolio.

Outdoor room inspiration for your summer porch or patio.

This cozy cottage kitchen makeover.

Ten ways the French live their lives differently than in the USA.

This article on the age of average reminded me of my post observing a sea of sameness.

How to grow your own pineapple plant.

Five places to sell used clothing online.

Clever idea: mount a TV on an easel.

These stunning flowers are made of paper.

Ten things to keep in mind before buying a vacation rental property.

Dream destination: this chic resort in the Florida Keys.

The sweetest letter from an elderly neighbor.


A Sunset Palette

I’m flying to Florida next week to meet my daughter and her friends to spend a few days in Sarasota at our house. Next week I’ll be giving the guest room a refresh in a sunset hues inspired by the palette we see as the sun sets over the Gulf Coast in the evenings. I’m not sure I’ll finish the space, but I can at least get started.

In the 1980s, the peach and turquoise palette had a big moment, and again we’re experiencing a resurgence of the analogous color palette of peach, apricot, burnt orange, and honeyed yellows. These colors are everywhere in retail, sometimes referred to as desert hues or boho colors when more muted.

Summer brings out more the saturated versions of these colors and when paired with a touch of mint or aquamarine, the cooler blues and greens offer a nice contrast the warmer peach hues. Notice how green plants looks especially cool against apricot walls, and how pale turquoise always looks lovely with pinks and apricots. They are complements on the color wheel so it makes perfect sense. Enjoy these spaces and vignettes of sunset colors.




recheng tsang


million shade


via hgtv

via bhg


urban outfitters

habitat by resene

via bhg

via domino

justina blakeney


magnolia rouge

minette hand via apt therapy

leigh anne wilkes

june motel


southern decorista



citrus & orange


via wit & delight

Weekend Reading 5.14.23

Happy weekend and Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been focused on my local shop opening this week and it was a success! I made the official announcement on Friday, and I had several sales and lots of compliments on the retail shop. I’ll share pictures in the upcoming week once it’s styled and photographed.

The opening now frees up more time to focus on other projects around my house. I’m giving our courtyard a refresh since I’ll be home this summer. It’s such a pleasant place to relax in the afternoons and evenings. I’m also going to finish up the family library space where I like to sip morning coffee and catch up on my reading. Look for both of those reveals in the upcoming months!

Favorite links from the week:

Vibrant blues and woven textures are layered throughout this Florida beach home.

This Palm Springs home went all in on midcentury modern interior design.

Dreamy sleeping porches.

2023 lighting trends from High Point market.

Oh to have a charming studio for the sole purpose of flower arranging.

Designers weight in on the decorative use of shiplap.

Woah now that is a statement mirror.

A creative resin based faux flower arrangement for blooms that last forever.

Ten things to give up in exchange for greater happiness.

Beautiful lakes around the world to add to your destination list.


Summer Wallpapers for Your Tech

Summer is around the corner! To brighten your tech I made five more seasonal screensavers. Find them below, sized to fit the ratios of a desktop, laptop, tablet, and your phone too. Links to all four sizes for each pattern. Enjoy!

Island Getaway



island getaway 16to9 ratio for desktop / island getaway16to10 ratio for laptop

island getaway 3to4 ratio for tablet / island getaway 9to16 ratio for phone



petals 16to9 ratio for desktop / petals 16to10 ratio for laptop

 petals 3to4 ratio for tablet / petals 9to16 ratio for phone


Beach Day

beach day 16to9 ratio for desktop / beach day 16to10 ratio for laptop

beach day 3to4 ratio for tablet / beach day 9to16 ratio for phone


Sea or Sky



sea or sky 16to9 ratio for desktop / sea or sky 16to10 ratio for laptop

sea or sky 3to4 ratio for tablet / sea or sky 9to16 ratio for phone


Sunset Hues

sunset hues 16to9 ratio for desktop / sunset hues 16to10 ratio for laptop

sunset hues 3to4 ratio for tablet / sunset hues 9to16 ratio for phone

Also I’ve added more cell phone wallpapers to this page in my print shop, they are all free to download.

Weekend Reading 5.7.23

Hello everyone! I’m nearing completion of my new art shop/studio in Sonoma County, I’ve been working on it all week. Soon anyone can come visit on Fridays or Saturdays when I’m holding open hours to the public. I sell art prints and ceramics and also destination and botanical themed gifts.

My new shop is also a workspace and adjacent to my ceramics studio where I’m improving my skills so I’ll be spending several hours a day in this new space. I have the loveliest makers as neighbors in the collective: a textile artist, florist, custom woodworker, and other fine artists. Natural light spills into the space throughout the day and I’m surrounded by the hum of other artists in their creative flow. It’s lovely. I’ll share pictures and video soon!

I’m headed back to Florida at the end of the month and again in July. We need to finish up a few projects on the house that are still incomplete. We’re not making the permanent move to Florida for another two years (for a variety of reasons) but I’m happy I get to return to enjoy it before it gets rented out again and walk along the white sandy beaches nearby that I miss so much.

Favorite links from the week:

This lovely modern kitchen makeover.

This barn converted into a homey office.

The unique and colorful tile installations in this London pied-a-terre.

A handy guide to hanging a chandelier at the proper height.

Add some texture to your space with this DIY flush mount basket light.

What a creative and clever way to display paintbrushes.

Change up your morning mix with 20+ healthy smoothie recipes.

Audrey Hepburn did not say this (but it’s still so good).

For security, this great device for solo females out and about.

Woah, this is a great shot.

Keep your eyes open for glimmers.

Afternoon Shelfie

I’ve been taking relaxing baths before I go to bed lately, on average about four a week. The feeling of climbing into bed being extra clean is so appealing. I finally got around to upgrading the niche in my bathtub zone, it’s been plain for years so I bought two floating shelves and added a few decorative elements and bathing accessories.

Simple upgrades bring a lot of joy. I added the two shelves to my niche and already it feels so much better in this corner of the primary bath. We have plans to swap the built in bathtub for a freestanding version later this year, and also retile the shower, so I’ll repeat the same vertical tile installation in here that I also use in the walk in shower. Stay tuned for those upgrades later this summer.

Meanwhile, below are a few snapshots of the new and improved bathtub niche in our primary bath, I’ve always loved the natural light in this space.



To add plants and organic texture, I ordered a speckled planter with saucer and also a smaller size with a small rattan mirror from H&M.

The white floating shelves I bought for this space were easy to install with just a few drywall screws, I had them up on the wall in less than thirty minutes this afternoon.

If you’re looking for remote control flameless candles, I highly recommend this trio of glass candles, I have two sets of them and use them all the time around my house!

Two floating shelves and a few decorative objects completely transformed this 3×5’ niche. Looking forward to my bath tonight!

DIY Trellis Designs

Last year I built planter box privacy trellises for a small house we remodeled in Sonoma. The undressed patio took on a very different feel when it was enclosed with privacy trellises with greenery growing up them.

Several companies are now offering slatted privacy trellises for purchase, Pottery Barn offers one in wood in wood for $749. This IKEA storage box + screen could be used to recreate a similar planter + privacy screen look to my DIY version. An online or Pinterest search will reveal many more options for privacy screens that could also double as a garden trellis.

Summer is just around the corner when we all want to enjoy time outdoors. Perhaps you’re in need of a bit more privacy on your porch or patio or are looking for a simple slatted trellis design to grow some flowering vines this season. Below find several different trellis ideas to fit the style of your apartment or home.

natural stain wood trellis – sprucing up mamahood


fence panel trellis – vintage revivals


attached grid wall – hgtv


criss cross wire trellis – olive gray avenue



privacy panel trellis – homestead and chill


rose climbing trellis – old town home


freestanding trellis – southern revivals


geometric screen – bhg


cedar espalier screen – garden therapy


slatted privacy panel – house of hood


post & wire trellis – houzz



thin & tall wall trellis – sunset magazine


diamond vine trellis – young house love


my criss cross trellis from six years ago

See also this article from 2020 featuring 12 additional modern trellis designs.

Favorite Affordable Wall Art Frames

My local shop is taking shape and will be opening in Sonoma County, California in May. I’ve had a few people stop by the studio and ask me about the picture frames I’m using to showcase the art and photography, so I’ve rounded up six frames I’ve used repeatedly (in the shop and in past spaces) that are both attractive and affordable for displaying mid to large scale wall art.

This natural wood frame with clean lines and a subtle curved detail is available at Target for print sizes 18×24” and 24×36”, pictured with the Sailor’s Delight art print.



This faux bamboo frame available in both gold and coffee finish is a new favorite for large scale 24×36” art over a mantel or bed. The gold is a hint shiny so I tone it down with Rub n’Buff in Gold Leaf. In the local shop, one of the botanicals from the curated vintage collection on Etsy is displayed in the gold tone faux bamboo frame.




For a modern look, these thin gold matted frames are perfect for small to medium size art, I use them a lot for botanicals and landscapes because of the simple brushed gold frame with clean lines and the nice wide mat. Three sizes are available to frame 5×7”, 11×14”, 8×10”, and 11×17” artwork.

Here they are used to frame vintage botanical prints and the Sonoma kitchen remodel from last year and also above my painted campaign desk and in my local art shop.



For black and white art, I really like the pencil edge black frame by Studio Decor at Michaels, the thin frame and thick mats allow the artwork to take the spotlight. They are shown below from this article on inexpensive same day prints and also on these DIY leather strap art ledges.


The inexpensive IKEA RIBBA in white and also black in the 19¾ x 27½” size is perfect for 50x70cm prints, shown below in last year’s hall bathroom remodel and this year’s family room credenza project.



These wood grain frames in a variety of sizes and stains are an affordable option that I’ve used in different spaces in large scale to frame the Paradise Breeze and Leaf Study I prints.


What about you? What are your go to sources for affordable wall frames?

If you have any great sources, please share!